Which backup solution to choose

Which backup solution to choose?

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The year 2019 is a record of equipment: The expenses of the companies in material of infrastructure Cloud (backup, storage, hosting of applications) will increase by 33% by the end of the year according to the Gartner. This is a major trend, which can be explained by the increasing importance and volume of digital business data. User mobility is also a major cause of this evolution. According to an Oodrive study, 80% of unprotected companies file for bankruptcy after a computer incident (fire, flood, breakage, theft, viruses). In response to this problem, many specialists offer a complete range of solutions for small businesses, SMEs and large groups. Several options are available to you according to your needs. Find all best on backup software for windows 10.

Backing up files

The first level of backup concerns your files. By files, we mean all the documents that you produce and use daily (word processing, spreadsheets, emails, PDF), your media (photos and videos), as well as your databases (SQL or ODB for example ). In case of disaster or damage to your files, a backup solution will allow you to recover them in their latest operational version:

Keep in mind that you can back up all your files on a daily basis either in your company’s premises or in a remote location in your office or in the cloud. In the last two cases, this will be via an internet connection. Ensure that the proposed solutions use the minimum bandwidth with incremental backup technologies, schedule scheduling and Delta-Bloc backup. Your Internet connection must be reserved for your professional use at least during working hours.

Example: A TPE or an SME generating a lot of documents will have to target the solutions offering preferably: data hosting in usa in order to escape the American Patriot Act, a backup Delta-block or incremental to a minimum, a possible backup of open files , backup reports. We recommend Adbackup, RG Backup, Oxibox, SpiderOack (data hosting in the US), Microsoft Azure Backup.

This option allows you to save the minimum: the furniture! However, it does not allow you to recover lost software in case of theft or destruction of your computer.

Back up all fixed and mobile devices

The issue of backing up all of your content (files, software and operating systems) arises if you want to remove the recovery time. Indeed, reinstalling all the software on the workstations of your collaborators and importing the files can be long and tedious. On the one hand, you mobilize a full-time technical collaborator on this restoration, and on the other hand, the loss of data for the victim is an indefinable lost working time …

You will need to pay close attention to the compatibility of backup software with your operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android). The idea of ​​a complete backup of a system is to be able to restore the entire digital heritage of the company on the same machines or on news. You must be able to do it in good conditions. You must also ensure the existence of a PRA (Activity Recovery Plan) whose objective is to guarantee you the easiest and fastest recovery of your business without loss of data.

Example: A TPE or an SME providing employees with several fixed and mobile terminals will have to pay attention to the following functions: Disaster recovery plan, Compatibility with different operating systems, “Bare Metal” restoration (complete restoration of the system), data hosting in France. We recommend Adbackup, RG Backup, Oxibox, Microsoft Azure Backup, Backupia.

Backup a corporate server

Backing up an enterprise server is relatively similar to backing up a computer. We separate it from the rest because the criticality and the volume of information of a server are largely superior to those of a single collaborator. Given the intense activity on a corporate server, it is essential to be able to manage dozens of backup versions to find accurate information. The recovery time must also be very low so as not to impact employees. Bare Metal Recovery technology allows you to recover a perfect copy of your data in a minimum time. Special attention should also be paid to insurance covering the loss of your data. If these were lost, your business would be deeply impacted. That’s why it’s important for your service provider to offer you insurance over 1 million euros.

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